12 Week Program

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Fortnightly videos from the dietitian
eBook with 50+ menu options
Fortnightly videos from the exercise physiologist
Fortnightly videos from the nurse practitoner
Exercise programs as well, in three different categories:

Building Fitness

Weekly Challenges

Healthy Mindset

Belinda Donkin Evers Healthyweight

Belinda Donkin Evers


Belinda has been an endorsed Nurse Practitioner since 2008 and has a master’s in Emergency Nursing and critical care nursing.

Timmy Chu Healthyweight

Timmy Chu

Bariatric Dietician

Timmy Chu has been an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) since 2008 after graduating from the University of Sydney with Honours.

Andrea Tyler Healthyweight

Andrea Tyler

Exercise Physiologist

Andrea has 8 years of experience as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and has a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology as well as a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education in Management.