Gastric Sleeve Perth

Take your first step towards sustainable weight loss

Expect weight loss of

up to 60-70%* of total excess weight in 12 months

*Weight loss results vary from person to person
Gastric Sleeve Perth

Proven and long-lasting weight loss

Discover the laparoscopic sleeve, a minimally invasive option for weight loss. The procedure reduces the size of your stomach, promoting healthy eating habits and sustainable weight loss.

Our all inclusive programs cover surgery, hospital stay, anaesthesiologist services and follow up appointments with our bariatric physicians and allied health practitioners.

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One of the most performed weight loss procedures in Australia
60-70%Average excess weight loss in 12-18 months*
Perfomed by keyhole surgery so there are less scars and less time in hosptial
*Weight loss results vary from person to person

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5 rating of 200 reviews
Based on 14 reviews
Juanita Lee
Juanita Lee
The procedure and support was more than expected and gratefully received. The results for me were more than just weight loss, I'm healthier and happier as a consequence of my weight loss journey.
P.R.A Vaiaku
P.R.A Vaiaku
Everyone at Healthy Weight Australia has been so helpful and supportive to their customers. Excellent friendly customer service.
Louise Moss
Louise Moss
Definitely recommend 22kg down and still loosing ! Easy to deal with and no issues at all
Jocelyn and malcolm Print
Jocelyn and malcolm Print
I am so pleased I had the Allurion Balloon inserted. Have lost 13kg. and another 2kg since i past the balloon. All the staff from Healthy weight Australia were very helpful. It has Motivated me to exercise every day and to eat healthy. So much happier within myself.
Kimberley Bell
Kimberley Bell
Healthy weight Australia program has been game changer in my life. The team are all so supportive with helping me gain the tools and knowledge I needed to change my eating habits. I had the obera balloon in and lost 18kg in 7 months. I am grateful for the program and for thankful to the team for the amazing support during my weight loss journey.
Michael Brennan
Michael Brennan
Hi, my story is that I’ve been a yo yo all my life with my weight, up n down. As I’ve aged I found it more difficult to yo yo down. My Dr was hassling me to drop weight and subsequently suggested I check out Healthy Weight Aust. I almost had surgery previously and did not see myself doing something so drastic hence the Allurian Balloon seemed perfect. HWA have been incredibly communicative and supportive through out the process. I would say the first few days after swallowing the balloon were tough yet subsequently I’ve lost 15% of my body weight in 3 months with zero extra activity, sorry to the lovely lady that gave me an exercise program. My Nutritionist has been so supportive and positive, I doubt I’d have done so well without him. I am supportive of the program if you need motivation, an extra reminder to not over eat (balloon) and a caring/approachable team behind you. Good luck on your journey, Allurian will only work if you get in the game, it is only a tool.
I highly recommend this program. Not only has it helped my lose 19.7kg in less then 4 months it has helped me change my mindset with eating correctly and has motivated me to exercise regularly. The help and support you get along the way is amazing and really helps you achieve your goals. If you are considering weight loss surgery seriously try this first. It was a simple 15min procedure(walk in swallow capsule fill up and walk out) that has changed my life for the best. I am the healthiest and fittest I have been in years.
Lauren Munting
Lauren Munting
I cannot recommend the team at HWA enough. I had the Allurion balloon programme, with placement in April 2023. My starting weight was 95+kgs, and over the following 4 months the team have been instrumental in supporting and guiding me with my weightless journey. I lost 15kgs with the balloon, and another 4+kgs after the Allurion programme finished and still going. I have just signed up to my very first 10kms fun run. The entire teams care and attention to their clients is exemplarity, and they focused closely on how you are feeling, the energy you have - and not just the numbers on the scale. A welcome change to previous weight loss experiences. I am so grateful for this life changing experience - the best thing I have ever done for my health. If you are considering a weight loss journey, I would not hesitate to reach out to the team at HWA.
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Australia’s leading weight loss clinic

We are a medical group made up of the finest Physicians, Surgeons and Allied Health professionals across Australia. Our team of experts will help you discover a program that aligns perfectly with your personal goals.

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What to expect with the procedure

A bariatric procedure performed with keyhole surgery, so it’s minimally invasive, leaves fewer scars, and gets you back on your feet faster.

Taking between 45 - 60 minutes for the procedure, this straightforward surgery requires a short 2 night hospital stay and around 2 weeks for recovery.


Hospital admission

Hospital check in and anaesthesia



Procedure performed laparoscopically via small incisions in the abdomen



Part of stomach removed to reduce the volume and size of stomach



Home 2 days later

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Your Package

Our comprehensive pricing covers hospital, anaesthetics, and surgery fees. Combined with our Complete Care Program of included consultations with our specialists and allied health team, our programs provide you with essential support to achieve your goals.

If you feel you need further support, speak to our friendly team about our other programs, which include additional consulations with our specialists and allied health team.

Gastric Sleeve Perth

12 month program
  • 60-70% of total excess weight*
Procedure fees from the surgeon, anaesthetist and surgical assistant
Hospital and 2 nights stay in a private hospital (for insured patients)
2 appointments with a bariatric physician
3 appointments with a bariatric surgeon
6 allied health appointments
6 nurse practitioner appointments
Digital smart scale and app for remote monitoring
Members portal access to regular webinars hosted by our allied health and specialist team
24 hour support from Coach Iris, AI specifically trained for weight loss support
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Finance Options

If you’re seeking support for funding, we recommend these organisations. They offer hassle-free application processes and flexible loans, allowing you to concentrate on your program goals instead of worrying about medical expenses.

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How do medical weight loss clinics work?

Medical weight loss clinics work with the help of a healthcare professional, usually a doctor who uses their knowledge and medical experience to guide patients in achieving their long-term weight loss and health goals safely and effectively. The medical professional develops personalised health plans tailored to your individual circumstances, incorporating factors such as weight, diet, training, lifestyle, and medical history. This customised plan will contain helpful information such as personalised workout regimens and specialised nutritional ‘diet’ plans to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals.

What type of doctor should I see for weight loss?

The type of doctors you should see for weight loss are licenced and experienced healthcare professionals that specialise in the area of medical weight loss such as Bariatricians (Bariatric Physicians, Bariatric Healthcare Providers, Bariatric Surgeons), Endocrinologists, obesity medicine specialists who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to metabolism and hormones, and allied health practitioners such as Nutritionists, Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists. These healthcare providers can help guide you to the best weight loss tools and solutions for you and your weight loss journey.